Each title comprises a book, CD, training manual and on-line software. The Professional offering includes the supply of face-to-face team meeting systems. The Consumer version includes web-software only. Academic versions offer a combination of face-to-face and web-based delivery.

Each package comprises:

The Book: At the heart of the title is the cognitive or mental model, the lense through which the author sees the world and a description of how the accredited professional or occasional user can apply that model to improve their world. The book is designed to present the theoretical perspective, the rationale, references to other bodies of knowledge including major points of difference, short case studies of its practical applications, other readings and references. In some cases, the book may be a major work, either in print, or due for release by a major publisher.

The CD: The CD will include the customised team meeting software, help system, meeting methods, and resources such as images, simulations, check lists and slide shows. It will usually include a navigable digital version of the training manual designed for use on line, as well as a soft copy of the book and the manual for limited printing. The Academic and Consumer versions include soft copies of printable user booklets, generally 4-8 pages.

The Training Manual: Each time a professional version of the product is sold it is supplied with a kit of six manuals…the ideal number for a training session being two groups of three or three groups of two participants.

The manual is typically 200 pages long and offers a trainer all the necessary resources to train and become accredited as a facilitator. Each title comprises a series of workshops that allow the expertise to be acquired in manageable chunks. The workshops have a structure which provides an Introduction to the model, learning outcomes, a theoretical framework, an activity which allows the learner to explore and practise the process, facilitation techniques and resources such as the meeting/learning method, check lists and provocations.

Academic Versions have a mix of professional manuals so that staff can be trained to deliver a web-based on-line learning program as well as booklets for each participant which explains how to set up and facilitate using the software or participate in sessions.

An On-line meeting and learning system: Each title is packaged with one or more portable or fixed team meeting or learning system including keyboards, multiplexer, keyboard extension cables, carry case and other components. The academic version is supplied as a mix of face-to-face and web-based systems. Consumer versions are delivered as software only supported by a user manual, website and installation instructions.

Packaging: Each title has its own unique packaging. Professional products are packaged in a minimalist livery usually as part of the physical kit – and only require the development of a logo/brand, CD label, installation guide, training manual covers and a website in addition to the rendered materials and installation software. Consumer products require a more elaborate approach and may be rendered in a similar fashion to contemporary software packaging. There may also be a requirement for point-of-sale materials, posters and give-aways for promotional functions.