KCP publishes Professional, Academic and Consumer titles which may be delivered into the market either by the author or by KCP on behalf of the author.

Professional titles can be licensed by the author to facilitator-trainers. Trainer normally undertake a three-to-five days long training course that includes training in on-line facilitation in the context of the author’s processes and approach. Suitable professional titles include strategy, risk management, marketing, innovation, customer relations, continuous improvement, mediation, problem-based learning, organisation change, behaviour change, government and community participation.

Academic titles are developed for universities for delivery as part of a course. Certification is managed by the university or college. Titles can include any higher education course delivered by tutorials or syndicate meetings which contain a significant component of process knowledge i.e. education, management, psychology and philosophy or many benefit from group interaction, such as language courses.

Consumer titles are designed for delivery via computer software retailers, web download or bookstores. There is no certification. Opportunities for on-line consumer products include introductory versions of management titles for small business, New Age, philosophy, self-improvement particularly in relationships with others, social entrepreneurship, environmental issues, and K-12 on-line education.