KCP welcomes enquiries from consultants, academics, and organisations who have developed unique expert methodologies, thinking and decision making processes and cognitive or mental models capable of being packaged for face-to-face and on-line workshop environments.

Before publication can be considered there needs to be clear market demand for a well defined product which will already be in the form of slide shows, a training manual, manuscript for a book and workshop processes.

Titles that meet several or all of the following criteria will be considered:

  • Titles, especially management or learning methods, required for a one-off large scale corporate or government re-organisation, community improvement program, technology transfer or professional development activity.

  • Titles sought by a minimum of 10-20 consultants who are keen to become licensees of the author.

  • Titles where the national or international distribution channels are well defined and customer demand strong.

  • Authors whose customers are organisations with complex, difficult and intractable problems and are keen to do or try almost anything to fix the problem.

  • Titles destined for English, German and Ditch speaking markets including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Holland, Switzerland and Ireland.

  • Authors who have links to sites willing to trial prototypes as part of a proof of performance.

  • Titles developed by internationally renowned consultants or facilitators with a history of publication of conventional titles..

  • Methodologies which achieve 1000+ per cent productivity gains when used by the customer.

  • Methodologies which are a good fit with emerging trends in consumer, academic or professional practice.

  • Titles where government grants for program development are readily accessible to the author or the primary customer organisation.

  • Multimedia titles which have been created for single users which could be easily adapted for facilitated team or on-line delivery.

KCP provides a service to create titles for authors, obtain the necessary funding from investors interested in taking equity in a property or makes a direct investment in selected properties. KCP can also distribute titles on behalf of an author.