The days when an organisation could assign responsibility to one person or a specialist group in an organisation are almost over. The world is now changing so fast, that many more people than ever before, not just the experts, need just-in-time access to all kinds of processes - strategy, risk management, innovation, continuous improvement, learning, project planning and many more. These skills need to be acquired in days or weeks rather than months or years and at prices closer to training and consulting than the price of obtaining a university qualification.


Rapid Adaption-Adoption

Until now the world has relied upon a learning model which is characterised by four distinct and slowly evolving phases: the Guru-Academic-Consultant-Trainer Model. With the acceleration of change it is now necessary to roll all the roles into one for the rapid adaption-adoption of concepts. The range of KCP titles supports this approach.

The guru or inventor of a method or model may also have been the author of a theoretical book on a subject (but not the practical advice on how to do it). Many read the book but few could easily apply the ideas. The academic spread the word about the method or model and gave it credence through research and publishing. The consultant delivered the method or model into an organisation but rarely transferred the technology to the organisation. Finally, the trainer provided instruction to people in an organisation about how to do it. Shortly afterward the method or model reached its “use-by’ date.

KCP titles allow an author's methods and models to be deployed and developed in partnership with customers. Instant Adaption-Adoption for rapid organisation-wide learning.