KCP titles are designed for flexible delivery to ensure all users can access the programs in a way that suits their level of technological literacy and level of process expertise.

  • Self-facilitated on-line real-time small group workshops: The internet is the primary delivery mechanism and allow small remotely connected groups to meet on-line for a workshop or an entire course.

  • Self-facilitated face-to-face electronic meetings: Many people still appreciate the conviviality of teamwork in a permanent electronic meeting room.

  • Computer supported face-to-face workshops: People who wish to meet face-to-face, but only have access to a single computer engage the programs via CD or the internet and use conventional meeting tools such as sticky walls, yellow sticky labels or whiteboards.

  • Conventional workshops: The resources are delivered via CD or internet are available in paper-based formats as well.

  • Individual: Some people are unable due to their remote location, timing or lack of a suitably fast internet connection to work or learn in groups. They can interact with the software program alone and equally benefit from working through the structured processes.

For a preview of the Zing internet and face-to-face technology visit the Zing website. Information about the Sticky Wall is available from BizKit.