KCP distributes titles through four main networks – existing title owners and their professional colleagues, existing KCP resellers and third party channels such as professional development organisations that have a substantial customer base and other publishers.

  • Title Owner customers: New titles are initially delivered into the marketplace by KCP in close co-operation with the title owner to existing customers or through fellow professionals in the discipline to which the title owner belongs.

  • Existing dealers: Where KCP has an existing distribution channel that suits the new title, including the necessary training and licensing capability, dealers will be offered non-exclusive rights to sell the title into their customers.

  • Strategic third party channels: During the evaluation of a new title, owners of strategically important third party channels will be invited to participate in focus groups to determine whether there is a fit between the title and the channel. Interested dealers or distributors are then expected to make commitments to purchase the title when it is published.

  • Other publishers: Some title owners will have relationships with book publishers who may be useful avenues for distribution, especially for consumer titles. Initially, these linkages are expected to be only indirectly useful, for example, for combined marketing activities to market a new book release to business consultants, who, as well as buying the book, may be interested in becoming a licensee for the method.

The KCP revenue model is based on the relative contribution to the development, distribution or delivery of a title. Authors who choose to invest in a product and distribute it themselves can earn up to 75% of the revenue from the sale of a package. If an author chooses to avail themselves of the full KCP distribution and delivery service, the returns may be as low as 5-15%, commensurate with royalties from conventional publishing.