Knowledge Creation Press packages and publishes experts’ thinking and decision model titles for every day use by facilitators, consultants, learners and managers. KCP programs enable implementation of a process or practice developed by leading thinkers, teachers, activists or academics.

Our books and on line learning environments enable successful facilitators to engage, inspire, assist, facilitate and lobby people to create their own knowledge to better navigate the rapidly accelerating world in which they live. Our titles also support traditional learning programs – school, university and professional practice - where accreditation comes with a rich understanding of a process or practice.

KCP publishes Professional, Academic and Consumer titles which are delivered to the market either by the author or by KCP on behalf of the author. Professional titles can be licensed by the author to facilitator-trainers. A training course for facilitators is generally three-to-five days long and includes training in face-to-face and on-line facilitation in the context of the author’s methods, processes and cognitive or mental model.